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Whether it’s a newly installed floor or one that’s tired, we can help get it into  shape quickly so you can carry on with your business.  Our floor techs are  trained and knowledgeable on several floor types so you can rest assured of  cost effective, quality work. Your Time Your time is important and we are experienced in working with busy people.  By making good use of scheduling software, keeping well maintained service  trucks, investing in modern equipment and working utilizing efficient, proven  techniques we can provide you with hassle free job scheduling and on-time  completion. 

Stone Facts

Natural stone, ceramic and porcelain are timeless flooring choices that add to  the beauty of your home.  They are environmentally friendly and do not retain  odors, allergens or bacteria.  Once cleaned and polished, routine care is made  simple with using basic cleaning products.  We’ll leave you well informed.  Natural Stone  A distinct and beautiful floor choice, each stone has it’s own  unique visual appearance.  Unlike glazed ceramic tiles, stone tiles  do not have a protective glazed coating on top and the color goes all the way  through the tiles. Ceramic Tile Ceramic tiles are made from clay, which once shaped and dried,  are fired in a kiln at very hot temperatures.  This process hardens the tiles,  creating a bisque which can then be glazed and fired a second time.  Tiles can also be used unglazed.  VCT Vinyl Composition Tile are extremely durable and most often used  in high traffic applications as in commercial buildings, schools and stores.  The  color pattern on these tiles can either ‘run through’ the depth of the tile, on  the higher end; or only have a surface pattern or color, lower end. Both types  need to be sealed and a protective, wax coat applied.
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