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Truckmount Steam Clean & Dry Clean
Building Maintenance

Carpets speak volumes about an establishment

Spots and stains are focus points and for at least a brief moment can be  sources of distraction to the shopper and at worst change the environment  impression of the space and affect the  ‘experience’ of a shopper. A clean carpet is welcoming and can give the impression of soft open space.

At Your Service

Our goal is to continue delivering professional, dependable and courteous  service.  We offer flexible work times and work efficiently so as have little  impact on your operations.  Call us and you will be cared for by our friendly,  knowledgeable team.  Why choose us: IICRC certified carpet cleaners Use powerful and effiicient cleaning equipment  Employ current cleaning methods  Use Green cleaning products  26 yrs cleaning carpets Our experienced technicians arrive in uniform   and on time:             1. Pre-treat traffic areas to loosen soil   2. Agitate by hand or rotary machine brush  3. Truckmount steam, or bonnet (dry) clean 4. Guaranteed. Let us know you are 100% satisfied! 
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Retail shoe store, Burbank CA
Office carpet clean, Upland CA
Steam clean, Claremont, CA
Our cleaning products are pet safe and people safe. No harsh chemicals or odors.
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