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Building Maintenance

Pas  sion  \ˈpa-shən\

1. a strong feeling of enthusiasm and excitement about doing something. Since 1988 we have pursued in our desire to clean things up.  We take pride in offering facility  and building managers the convenience of choosing from a range of maintenance services that  are both cost effective and of high quality. We began as a family maid service, because cleaning starts at home. Over the years, having  discovered more dirt outside, we’ve expanded to reach the dust and spider webs found in ceiling trusses of warehouse retail outlets, merchandise racks in convenience stores and down to  polishing the marble floors of corporate lobbies.    For years we have embraced the traditional values of having diligent work ethics and qualified  leadership. Rest assured the team assigned to your project are experienced and motivated to  turn out quality work, on time.   We expertly clean almost anything, almost everywhere, it’s our passion.. or maybe slight  obsession.
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